At durnin's potatoes

Durnin Potatoes supply a wide range of high quality potatoes and veg. Suppliers of Potatoes for both retail and the catering sector. We suppling our own brand potatoes to retail in 10kgs paper bag, 7.5kg paper bag, 5kg paper and plastic bag, 3kg plastic packet, 2.5kg plastic packet and 2kg plastic packet.

We supply our quality potatoes to the catering industry in many different ways and package sizes too. With our in house peeled Rooster Potatoes we go to great lengths to maintain a high quality peeled potatoes while also maintaining a very competitive price.

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At Durnin’s Potatoes we aim to continue to grow as a company, Now at Durnin’s Potatoes we Peel potatoes for the catering trade. With all our potatoes grown and processed by Durnin’s. Our most popular variety of potato for peeling is the Rooster Followed by the Maris Piper.


The Rooster Potato is the most widely grown potato in Ireland and is available all year round. Roosters have a yellow flesh and a deep earthy flavour, which lends itself particularly well to roasting, baking / jacket potatoes, chipping and boiling. At Durnin’s Potatoes we Coldstore Roosters for all year round supply. 

Main Uses: Steaming, Boiling, Mashing, Baking, Roasting, Chipping.

Maris Piper

The Maris Piper Potato has a golden brown skin and creamy white flesh, with a floury texture.

Maris Piper has relatively high dry matter content, which is what gives them their fabulous floury texture. This makes them perfect for roast potatoes, which are best cooked by initially parboiling them to produce a textured surface, which in turn creates a wonderful crispy, crunchy outer roasted finish.

Main Uses: Chipping, Roasting & Baking 

Golden Wonder

The Golden Wonder Potato is an oval to long oval variety with relatively rough skin, cream to yellow in colour.

The potato exhibits excellent dormancy making it very suitable to store for long periods. Golden Wonders are a flowery potato due to its high dry matter, Which gives it excellent overall taste.

Main Uses: Boiling, Steaming, Baking, Roasting


The Queens Potato has oval to round shaped smooth skinned tubers.

Queens are marketed early in the season just after the first early potatoes, so they are often referred to as a ‘second early variety’.

Main Uses: Boiled Potatoes in Jackets, Baking,  Roasting

Kerrs Pinks

Kerr’s Pink is a white flowered, late main crop potato which competes in the same category as the most popular Rooster variety

Main Uses: Steaming, Baking Boiling