Durnin’s Fruit and Veg is a family run business for over 40 years which is presently supplying Fruit and Vegetables to retail and catering in north east region.

Our family business has gone from strength to strength over the last number of years allowing us to successfully launched our own branded Potato range.

At Durnin’s Fruit and Veg we are proud to say that were wholly Irish owned and that we create local employment directly and indirectly.

Strongly Supporting of Irish farmers.

Cress supplied by durnins fruit and veg

Our Catering Division

At Durnin’s Fruit and Veg we supply to all Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe’s and Deli’s. We work close with Chefs and Managers to make sure that they are getting a very high-quality, a service that won’t be beating and very competitively priced produce.
We produce our own Prepared Veg on site giving us the cutting edge on quality, freshness and price.
Food Hygiene and Health and Safety are a primary importance to us at Durnin’s Fruit and Veg and we carry out all operations strictly adhering to HACCP guidelines.

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Our Retail Division

In our Retail Division we cater for all Supermarkets and Fruit and Veg Shops needs. We supply a wide range of fresh grown Potatoes. Grown to the highest of standards. We also supply a wide range of both loose and Pre Packed Fruit and Vegetables and we purchase at source using our buying power to bring freshness and the best prices to the customer.
We offer over 680 different lines of Fruit and Veg and also provide a wide range of Pre Packed Prepared fresh produce, with all produce supplied with EU regulation labels and barcodes

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Durnins Fresh vegetables being cut
Durnin fruit veg image of potatoes

Durnin’s potatoes

At Durnin’s Potatoes we supply a wide range of freshly grown Potatoes. Supplying Potatoes for both Retail and the Catering sector. We supply Potatoes for Retail in 10kgs paper bag, 7.5kg paper bag, 5kg paper and plastic bag, 3kg plastic packet, 2.5kg plastic packet and 2kg plastic packet.

We supply our quality Potatoes to the Catering industry in many ways and sizes too.  Peeling mainly Rooster Potatoes we go to great lengths to maintain a high quality peeled Potato while also maintaining a very competitive price.

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We supply a wide range of Fruit and Vegetables and Potatoes to Wholesalers and Van Sales People. We’re suited to these as we’d class ourselves as a one stop shop. We offer a great service and are always at hand to give any assistance we can. With specialized loading bays for wholesalers to load from. We offer freshness, quality and all at the right prices.

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With Durnin’s Fruit and Veg & Durnin’s Potatoes being a family run business they can effectively work great in the different areas. With Philip Durnin head of the Retail Division and Purchasing. James Durnin head of the Catering Division and Purchasing. Brendan Durnin head of the Potatoes. Combined they work great as a team and by bringing the different areas together they can maintain low running costs and lowering the carbon footprint on the environment.