Our Fresh Cut Chips

Everyone loves a traditional chip shop chip – Like our chunky and golden on the outside and delicious potato on the inside. At Durnin’s that’s exactly what we deliver, tasty fresh cut chips made from real potatoes, ready for you to just open, fry and serve.

Why Choose our Fresh Cut Chips

  • Consistency of your main product – Chips
  • Confidence that you are selling the finest chips from real potatoes will have customers coming back for more.
  • Guaranteed freshness & quality – Each bag is vacuum packed which gives them a shelf life of approximately 6 days if refrigerated correctly.
  • Not frozen or Half cooked chilled to ensure flavour and quality – These are fresh chips.
  • Fresh and naturally local grown potatoes from Co Louth.
Durnins Peeled Potatoes, Fresh Cut Chips
Durnins fresh cut chips in a basket

Take a taste and test for yourself !!

At Durnin’s we believe there just isn’t a better, pre-prepared chip on the market. If you already use pre-prepared chips why not try Our Chips today. We know that once you try our chips there’ll be no turning back! For businesses that don’t already use pre-prepared chips you don’t know what you’re missing when it comes to taste, plus the huge cost and time savings you could be making.

Our fresh cut chips have Full traceability

Our Chips have Full traceability of every potato and every chip Our field to fork process ensures that every peeled potato, ending up as part of a ready meal or accompanying a fresh fish fillet from your local fish and chip shop, can be fully traced back to its field, along with its growing regime and history.

Basket of durnin's fresh cut chips

Fry and quality tested for consistency

Every fresh batch of Durnin’s chips  is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with our freshly cut Chips thanks to our high levels of compliance, and only supplying the best potato produce possible.